A Health(ier) New Year for ILS in 2012!

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Let’s face it: when you work in logistics, it’s fast paced. It’s easy to get caught up in an urgent shipment, look up and realize it’s afternoon and you haven’t eaten, and make a run for fast food.

When ILS moved into our new digs in 2011, we had brand new space that we got to design. We created a workspace that included a gym, a shower room, and we designed the break room with most everything a home kitchen would have to encourage people to bring lunch and keep food around. Alas, life happened. The gym collected cobwebs, the shower was used about three times, and the kitchen was mostly a place for the coffee.

With the new year, many of us are embracing that age-old cliché of resolutions, to be healthier. The gym is getting used daily, the elliptical and treadmill are being used on lunch breaks, and P90X can be heard from the TV in the gym on most days after work hours.

To help keep this positive trend, ILS decided to begin providing fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to employees free of charge. This week we received our first of weekly deliveries of organic, in-season foods from Greenling Organic Food Delivery. Greenling buys from local individual farms and delivers to our door.  After taking a survey to determine what people would eat, we started with organic bananas, pears, apples, oranges, cherry tomatoes, celery, pecans, and carrots. The response has been extremely positive, and the food is delicious. Cheers to better health in 2012!

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