Freedom in Freight

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By Rich Riddle

When you say the word “freight” to someone outside the industry, images might fill the mind. To most, those images aren’t of crisp, clean retail displays, wifi equipment at your local coffee shop, or the many comforts and goods enjoyed by most Americans. But it’s “freight” that makes all that happen.

When you say the word “freight” to someone in need of shipping or logistics services feelings, instead of images, might fill the mind. Among the top of the list, those feelings might be anger, frustration and disappointment.

There is a tendency to assume there are few options a business can select and few companies that can really do everything that might be needed. Some shipping departments may feel that their options are over-priced, under-delivered local freight companies or giant conglomerations that don’t know their name.

What if there was another way? What if there was someone who understood that unparalleled customer service from experts wasn’t just a good idea, it was required. Or that, there are plenty of “okay” ways to make shipping and logistics happen but that “okay” isn’t good enough: great should be the goal. Or people that understand that “freight” isn’t what a client’s business is: a client’s business could be anything else in the world that needs something shipped.

I found that at Intelligent Logistics. I found freedom. Freedom to do the right thing. Freedom to strive for the best way to do business. Freedom to make our customer’s successful without compromising integrity in an otherwise unreliable industry. At Intelligent Logistics the best idea wins. The most efficient method is victorious. And we do whatever it takes to have happy clients served by a happy, helpful team.

We are not the restrictive, frustrating experience of freight industry’s past: we’re freedom from it.

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