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A Very Intelligent Holiday Season!

The first Intelligent Logistics Holiday party was in 2002, and we were so small that we held it in a restaurant-no reservations needed since there were only 3 employees. Listening to a mixture of holiday favorites, they traded gifts, laughs and hopes for the future. With the venture of starting a Logistics and Supply Chain Management company under their belts, this celebration was well received during the holiday season. Remaining afloat and then some over a decade later, Intelligent Logistics holiday parties consistently adds new faces and new traditions to the usual mix. These team members and traditions have grown into the fabric of how Intelligent Logistics celebrates the holiday season together.

Many holiday celebrations within a home and family are toppled with tradition. The Intelligent Logistics family traditions are no different. With the pajamas at the office on Christmas Eve still up for debate, we continue to honor our hilarious and wild White Elephant Game at our holiday parties. White Elephant is a game of chance, that also gives you the chance to be ruthless – stealing presents and finding new treasures are all a part of the fun. As we’ve grown, our White Elephant bash has too. With over 100 people participating in our White Elephant gift exchange in 2016 – we set a personal record we are excited to continue to break year over year! One special and sentimental piece of our gift exchange is a small and very used copy of The Christmas Story. This film has made the rounds by chance and thievery – from team member to team member for over a decade.

‘Tis the season of… GIVING at Intelligent Logistics! This phrase is commonly heard all over the globe to insight the willingness we all feel to give around this time of year. Intelligent Logistics loves to give and finding an opportunity during the holiday season is so easy! We have teamed up with a variety of non-profits in the Austin area to help our community spend the holidays happy and without hunger.

From humble to mildly over–the-top, Intelligent Logistics holiday parties have grown through its traditions. With more and more bright faces joining our company family for the future holiday seasons, we are grateful for the hard work put forth by all team members.  The chance to build a brighter future as a team and through community impact is what makes the first through the fourth quarter continuously worth it.

Happy Holidays from Intelligent Logistics.

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