Happy Team in Action-Paid Maternity

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At Intelligent Logistics, our #1 Core Value is Happy Team.

That means as CEO, I am constantly looking for and evaluating ways that we can do more for our team members. Sometimes the answers are obvious, such as looking for frustration in systems, software, and processes. Other times it can be less obvious, like coming up with innovative ways to make our work more fun, tying in our goals into meaningful ways in which we make a difference in our local communities, or in fostering relationship building among new hires and long timers.

The most recent way we have lived this core value is in changing our maternity policy. As you may know, in the U.S. there are no legally mandated paid time off for maternity. As a result, only 12% of women in the U.S. have any form of paid maternity leave. At Intelligent Logistics, we were part of that 12 %, since one of the benefits we provided was short term disability which included maternity. However, in talking to one of our team members who had given birth last year, I learned first hand while appreciated, it fell short of what I thought we were providing.

So we made a change. We announced that we will now offer 10 weeks of fully paid maternity leave, as well as two weeks of paid paternity leave. I am proud of this in ways that I was not expecting-a very different feeling than when we have increased paid time off or thrown a company event. This feels different, and it feels right. I wish that I would have made this change sooner, and I hope that other entrepreneurs will do the same.

Because we can and we should, not because we must.

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