Intelligent Logistics Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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On February 28, 2002 Intelligent Logistics was born. In those days, we had two desks, two phones, and one computer operating out of a sublet office with shared dock space with a local trucking company. From the dock space that might hold 30 pallets, we moved a lot of freight that first year. We handled projects where we would have to have 100% turnover of the dock three or four times each day. We maxed out the space in every way imaginable. As we added people, we would trip the breakers many times a day. We had a portable office placed on the dock to provide more office space, and our electrician tried his best to keep us in business, but we still couldn’t run the heater and make copies at the same time. But we were profitable from the very first year, and it taught us just how lean and productive we could be.

Moving out of that first space into 22,500 feet was a scary thing, because all of a sudden we had a huge amount of overhead. I am convinced in hindsight that we would never have grown as much as we did without the burden of the additional overhead and the threat of a spectacular failure. It pushed us out of our comfort zone, where it was grow or die. We grew.

Things certainly haven’t always been rosy. There were times where I really wasn’t sure if we would make it, but we never bounced a check or missed payroll. There have been big wins, big losses, costly mistakes, and many sleepless nights.

In many ways, it’s been like a roller coaster. The cars stop to let some people off and some people on, but you always know that there are more ups and downs ahead. It might make you sick to your stomach, but it is never dull and eventually the ups and downs aren’t quite as scary and can even be fun. It also makes you really appreciate the people who get on with you and stay by your side. Just like most of life, the highs are a lot more enjoyable when you have people with you to share it with. Thank you to all of our present and past team members who have helped us along the way, but especially those who have been with us for more than six+ years: Brandon, Leah, Kasia, Luke, Haley and Ed.

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