Mainfreight Rides the Road to a Sustainable Logistics Environment

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Freight Truck Environment sustainable logistics initiatives remain an environmental issue worldwide. At Mainfreight we remain committed to taking responsibility to reduce emissions of road freight transport while continuously managing our operations and helping build a sustainable logistics environment.

No matter where we are located in the world, Mainfreight is enhancing the environment through our long-held practices of recycling, saving water, GPS route planning, and providing environmentally sound logistics services.

Our European brand Wim Bosman is already committed to the European sustainable logistics program, Green Freight Europe. The Green Freight Europe Program aims to improve the environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe. As an active Green Freight Europe member, Wim Bosman has the objective of reducing carbon emissions of road freight transport by 30% in 2012 from levels recorded in 2007. If you’re interested in reading more on our European logistics sustainability initiative with Green Freight Europe, read today’s press release from Wim Bosman.

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