Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

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Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

At Intelligent Logistics, we are clear on why we do what we do. Yes, we are here to serve our clients; yes, we are here to build a company where the team wants to come to work every day, and getting a little more technical into what we do, yes-we are here to help our clients become more successful by making their cargo transportation simple. But we also have a deeper why-our BHAG. The term Big Hairy Audacious Goal (or BHAG) was first coined by Jim Collins in his book Built To Last. A BHAG refers to a visionary goal is so big that it is difficult to see how it could be accomplished, in that it might take 15-30 years to possibly attain.

We set a goal early on that we would move 1,000,000 cargo shipments cumulatively. As a cargo transport company, one shipment might mean a full tractor trailer load, or a full 40’ ocean container, or a single palletized shipment moving somewhere in the world. We don’t move small packages-the bigger and the more complex the requirements, the better. We did some forecasting, and felt that by the year 2027, we could have accomplished the goal. The problem was, while that was certainly a large, difficult target, the true impact was harder to measure. So what if we moved 1M shipments? Who would that really impact?

Fast forward to fall 2015, at our executive team offsite planning session. We were debating for the 5th or 6th year how to modify our BHAG to making it more meaningful. One our execs (Christy)asked me the question that changed everything. “If you had unlimited money and time, but you were not allowed to work at this company or in this industry, what would you do?” The answer came pretty easily for me. I said I would spend time working with non-profits to become more businesslike (self-sustaining), especially those dealing with poverty issues. “Then that should be tied into our BHAG”. she stated, and we all agreed she was right. Before we left, we had combined our long term shipment count with a financial sum set aside to help end the cycle of poverty in our local communities.

Our BHAG has since been restated since that insight. Now it is “To have donated $1,000,000 + by 2027 to help break the cycle of poverty in our local communities.”

Now we are clear why we get up every day with a purpose; we are not only growing our business and providing our team with a means of employment, but also helping change lives as well.
The BHAG money is distributed via a grant process. We encourage all of our team members to volunteer and involved in local charities. We provide 4 hours per month of paid time off for volunteerism. The goal is that our people get involved in a charitable organization that they are passionate about, and by combining with our BHAG fund, we can multiply their influence in these local charities. Rather than simply giving out money one time to a good cause, we can support our team and their passion for serving others on an ongoing basis.

This is our WHY. 

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